Exhibition: Maureen Marcotte and Barbara Mullally


Maureen Marcotte


MAUREEN MARCOTTE porcelain pottery   BARBARA MULLALLY fine jewellery & enamel

At General Fine Craft in Almonte, Ontario from May 17 to July 3

Please celebrate the opening of this exhibition with us and meet the artists on Sunday May 22 from 1-3pm

63 Mill Street in Almonte ON   www.generalfinecraft.com 

Announcement: PAF to launch first-ever PAF Catalogue!

Here is the mock-up of the soon to be ready, first ever catalogue for PAF-FAS, and everyone is pretty excited about it!

Entitled WILD SPACES, the catalogue captures the artists and their work emerging now out of the Outaouais’ most courageous new art and creation space.
From textile and visual artists, community-engaged creation, photography and video, the catalogue captures the energy of this remarkable initiative in its early years.
All proceeds for the catalogue sales go to help fund the next phase in renovations: turning the gym into an exhibit, creation and presentation hall.
The catalogue’s creation has been generously supported by CLD des Collines, Municipalite de La Peche.
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