Announcement: PAF to launch first-ever PAF Catalogue!

Here is the mock-up of the soon to be ready, first ever catalogue for PAF-FAS, and everyone is pretty excited about it!

Entitled WILD SPACES, the catalogue captures the artists and their work emerging now out of the Outaouais’ most courageous new art and creation space.
From textile and visual artists, community-engaged creation, photography and video, the catalogue captures the energy of this remarkable initiative in its early years.
All proceeds for the catalogue sales go to help fund the next phase in renovations: turning the gym into an exhibit, creation and presentation hall.
The catalogue’s creation has been generously supported by CLD des Collines, Municipalite de La Peche.
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Workshops: Pernicova > Art at Wallacks

Artist Zaneta Pernicova is facilitating SPRING Art courses at Wallack’s Art store Bank Street location.
Art HeARTs (children age 5-8) Saturday April 16th 10 am – noon
10 weeks $164
As a group of budding young artists we will look at patterns, shapes, colours and the changing view of each individual child as an artist, to promote growth in any aspect of their skill level.  Each week will encompass a unique hands and hearts on creation of colour, line and mirror effect of previous master artists. With the biggest spot light on exploration of art with our focus on fun and heart felt execution of each weeks project.  Each child will be encouraged and supported to make confident and enthusiastic art.
Art is a STAGE (Teens age 12-15) Tuesday April 12th 4:30 pm – 7:00 pm
10 weeks $205
Empowering young teens to feel good about themselves through a series of projects that fosters creativity and nurtures self-esteem. Each child will learn and explore their own creative side.  Fun is the priority in this workshop, as well as learning about acceptance while exploring the different stages and techniques to create art.  We will be learning through the use of different media to create an artistic platform for growth.
Renewed in ART (Adult/Senior) Saturday April 16th 12:30 pm – 3:30 pm
10 weeks  $205
Opening up to the possibilities brought on by exploration via Art expression.  We will be taking a look at different techniques of creating using different media, while focusing  not being in control of the final outcome.  Separating oneself from your art.  No experience is needed to participate. All participants will be given a helping hand to grow and renew their position through art.

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Žaneta Pernicova
Professional Artist/Curator/Art Instructor

“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old”  Franz Kafka

SPRING Programs at La Peche/Wakefield Community Centre
Sketching/Animation children 7-11 years old
Starting Sunday April 3rd-10 weeks $150
Guidance/Instruction by Zaneta Pernicova
Sketching/Animation/Modeling clay/Set design
In this program we will explore drawing and sketching while looking at  different characters.  With our drawings we will be using sculpture techniques with both man-made and natural found objects, finishing with the creation of our own imaginary animal mask.
Sketching/Animation teens 11-16 years old
Starting Monday April 4th-10 weeks $150
Guidance/Instruction by Zaneta Pernicova
Sketching/Animation/Modeling clay/Character building
As a group effort we will look at abstraction of form using found objects and learn how to draw volume figures with drawing and sketching exercises to produce a simple character. This will build up our efforts to design and execute our own characters that suits its animated world.

Centre Wakefield La Pêche

38 Valley Drive Wakefield, Quebec J0X 3G0
Mailing Address: PO Box 25 La Pêche, QC
Telephone: 819 459 2025

Žaneta Pernicova
Professional Artist/Curator/Art Instructor

“Anyone who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old”  Franz Kafka